Leng Yein before & after 2015 surgery (WARNING: disturbing photos inside)

12:14 PM

Name: Leng Yein



It had been 10 years ever since my first surgery ... Everytime before i enter my surgery room getting ready to be cut, i will have my moment of silence... This, might be the last time i see myself this beautiful. This, might also be the starting of my beautiful journey ...
Who am i ? I am, who i want to be. — feeling blessed at New Hilltop Hotel.

New Year . New Face . New Start
I am starting my year in Korea as KOREAN BEAUTY AMBASSADOR , sponsored by KBCA and Korea Medical Tour Association (Korea Care). Witness my whole process of my makeover 
Will be interviewed by tv, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and Meditimes medical tourism website.
My whole operation will be video-ed down  Cant wait

LYK Project 2015
"Redefine Leng Yein in Korea"

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Nose revision
Nose extension
Nose tip correction
Filler On forehead, Side head, breast top augmentation
Eye tail fold correction
Eye line revision
Lips reshaping
Duration total 3.5 hrs including consultations
3 different surgeon
And still need to do chin filler augmentation

More of her here: Leng Yein Cute Sexy Asian

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